Sphero Edu: Important Notifications

​Changing support for iOS 9 in the Fall of 2020

Starting in the Fall of 2020, Sphero Edu will no longer support iOS 9. This means Sphero Edu 6.0.0 and above will not be available on Apple devices running iOS 9.

Micah Daby
Updated 3 months ago by Micah Daby

Important RVR Firmware Update

Starting on August 20th, 2020, a new version of firmware is available for your RVR.

Micah Daby
Updated 1 month ago by Micah Daby

Locating Missing Programs

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate a program that you've worked hard to create. While in the Sphero Edu app, ensure you are logged in to your profile. Under the "Programs" tab, you should be abl…

Sara Sampson
Updated 6 months ago by Sara Sampson

Sphero Q&A: Chrome OS Update

Sphero Q&A: Chrome OS Update. November 15th What’s new:. Google has started releasing Chrome OS version 78 to eligible Chromebooks. While this version does have a number of great new features, we hav…

Micah Daby
Updated 7 months ago by Micah Daby

​Update: Sphero Compatibility with Chrome OS

Update: Sphero Compatibility with Chrome OS. January 31st, 2020 We have some good news to share! As of today, all Sphero robots are now compatible with the Sphero Edu app on Chromebooks running the l…

Micah Daby
Updated 3 months ago by Micah Daby