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Archiving Sphero Edu ClassesUpdated 4 months ago

The above video will walk you through the steps of archiving a class within Sphero Edu.

  • First, sign in to the Sphero Edu website (edu.sphero.com). You cannot archive classes on the Sphero Edu app.
  • Now that you’re logged in, navigate to the class management section of the website by selecting Classes in the navigation panel.

  • Select the class that you want to archive and click on the Settings tab in the class panel.
  • At the bottom left of the Settings page, you'll see a button to archive your class.

  • Archival of a class is not permanent like class deletion is. After archiving a class, you can view it again by clicking on the View Archived Classes text in the left class panel (where you select your classes). You can then choose to unarchive by going to Settings and selecting the Unarchive Class button.

  • Lastly, when your class is archived, the student accounts associated with that class will be disabled. This means they will not be able to sign into their accounts until the class is unarchived. 


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