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Sphero BOLT

BOLT Features

Sphero BOLT has all of the features that previous Sphero models (Sphero 2.0, SPRK, SPRK+) have and more. It's super durable, programmable, drive-able, and extensible. It has 2 drive motors, lights, and several sensors including a gyroscope, accelerom

BOLT Power Pack Tips

If you just received or are about to receive your BOLT Power Pack, start by watching this video!. The BOLT Power Pack lets you charge, store, and carry 15 Sphero BOLT robots. To find out what's inside and pricing, visit our store. Keep reading for us

Charging and Setting Up BOLT

Sphero BOLT has a bigger battery compared to previous Sphero models, and therefore takes a bit longer to charge. Follow these simple steps to get charged up!. TROUBLE SHOOTING:. If your BOLT does not look like it is charging, please try the following

Connecting BOLT

Sphero BOLT connects to your phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth (BLE) connection. The robot is compatible with 3 different apps: Sphero Edu, Sphero Play, and Apple's Swift Playgrounds. Before connecting, ensure BOLT is partially charged, or cha

BOLT Modes

Sphero BOLT has 7 "modes" that are good to be familiar with to always understand what your BOLT robot is doing:. OFF. The mode when it arrives in the original package. You will NOT be able to connect to BOLT until you transition it into SLEEP mode, w

Charging Cradle Compatibility

The Sphero BOLT charging cradle is specifically designed to be compatible with BOLT only because the battery capacity of BOLT is higher than previous Sphero models, and therefore the charging system works differently from previous robots. It is not d

Condensation Inside Sphero BOLT

Condensation (water droplets) inside Sphero BOLT may occasionally form - this is normal, and you do not need to worry. This sometimes happens during the second half of the charging cycle or during heavy use when the robot can heat up. The condensatio

Prolonging BOLT Battery Life (Deep Sleep)

Anytime your robot is not in use, we recommend putting your robot into deep sleep and keeping it off the charging base. For the best way to maintain your battery, prior to putting the robot into deep sleep, we recommend first running the battery down

BOLT at Home Guide

Sphero_BOLT_At-home_Guide.pdf. PLEASE NOTE: The Sphero Edu app is no longer available as a Chrome Extension.

Disassembling BOLT Power Pack

BOLT Power Packs can be separated into individual BOLTs and BOLT charging cradles, allowing you to send individual robots home with students. BOLT has a clear, waterproof, scratch-resistant shell that is sealed and does not open which makes it ideal

BOLT Accuracy / Speed / Distance

Though Sphero BOLT has lots of features and sensors inside - it is not a precision measuring instrument. Some variances in accuracy, speed, and distance are about what is expected for BOLT. Due to the matrix inside BOLT, BOLT is top heavy - if you dr