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Sphero Edu: Important Notifications

Check here for important updates about the Sphero Edu app

Sphero Edu Platform Scheduled Maintenance: July 8th, 2023

Starting at 9AM EDT on July 8th 2023, the Sphero Edu platform will undergo scheduled maintenance. This maintenance update should take less than one day, and operation should return by July 9th 2023. This downtime is needed to facilitate three changes

Changing Support for iOS 10 and 11 with Sphero Edu 6.3.0

Starting with the 6.3.0 release, Sphero Edu will no longer be supported on iOS 10 or 11. This means Sphero Edu 6.3.0 and above will not be available on Apple devices running iOS 10/11.

Sphero Virtual Robot Beta

Instructions on using the Sphero Edu virtual programming beta.

Changing support for Android 5, 6, and 7 in February, 2022

Starting in February of 2022, new versions of Sphero Edu will no longer support Android 5, 6, or 7.

Changes to Community Programs in May 2022

Review the changes being made to the community programs section of Sphero Edu in May, 2022.

Major Sphero Edu macOS App Update

The Sphero Edu 6.3.3 release on macOS introduces a major overhaul to numerous parts of the app.

Sphero Edu and Location Services for Android and Chromebooks

Instructions for enabling location services for Sphero Edu on Android and Chromebooks

Important RVR/RVR+ Firmware Update - October 2022

Starting in Fall 2022, a new version of firmware will be available for RVR/RVR+. This download will update the firmware for the Nordic SoC to version 9.1.462 and the ST SoC to version 9.2.482. The new firmware update supports both RVR and RVR+. To su