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Using the Protractor + Maze Tape

These are tools you will use to build mazes that your Sphero app-enabled robot can navigate, with your help!.

SPRK+ not Holding a Charge

SPRK+'s battery should last up to 60 minutes of constant play on a full charge. If SPRK+ has been fully charged but loses energy and turns off shortly after connecting, please try the following:. The battery of SPRK+ will naturally degrade over time

SPRK+ Charging Solutions

No. The SPRK+ charger is specifically designed to be compatible with SPRK+ only. Please do not charge SPRK+ in other Sphero charging bases such as SPRK Edition or Sphero 2.0.

SPRK+ not Connecting

Condensation Inside Sphero SPRK+

Condensation (water droplets) inside Sphero SPRK+ may occasionally form - this is normal, and you do not need to worry. This sometimes happens during the second half of the charging cycle or during heavy use when the robot can heat up. The condensati

Charging SPRK+

Sphero approved USB hubs have 700mA+ per robot, are high quality and known to prevent over-voltage spikes. You may find the Sphero Edu USB Charging Hub helpful for charging multiple robots at one time. For our Australian customers, we suggest this mu

Prolonging SPRK+ Battery Life (Deep Sleep)

Anytime your robot is not in use, we recommend putting your robot into deep sleep and keeping it off the charging base. For the best way to maintain your battery, prior to putting the robot into deep sleep, we recommend first running the battery down

SPRK+ Modes

Play. To connect, open the Sphero Edu App and hold your mobile device next to SPRK+. You will see the “SPRK+ Connected” notification and robot LED’s will change to the color set on the color wheel in the Drive screen, which is Blue by default. To man

Connecting SPRK+ to a Device