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Charging and Setting Up BOLTUpdated 5 months ago

Sphero BOLT has a bigger battery compared to previous Sphero models, and therefore takes a bit longer to charge. Follow these simple steps to get charged up!

  1. Plug the included USB Micro B cable into the charging cradle, and the other end into a USB port.
    1. Make sure that you are using the USB cable provided with BOLT or a USB cable that provides power (rather than a cable that only transports data).
    2. Make sure the USB port is providing enough power to properly Charge BOLT. If you plug the USB cable into your laptop, please ensure your laptop is plugged in to provide enough power. We recommend using a USB wall charger when possible.
  2. Place BOLT into the cradle and ensure it is upright, with the LED matrix facing straight up. You will know it is charging properly when the blue LED on the cradle begins blinking blue around once every second. If the BOLT is not centered and upright in the cradle, inductive charging will not work and the cradle LED will not flash.
  3. A fully depleted BOLT will take about 6 hours to charge to 100% capacity, but you can take the robot off the cradle and use it before it is fully charged.
  4. When the robot is fully charged, the blue charger light will be solid (not blinking) and will last for at least 2 hours of constant play. It can even last for 5+ hours over multiple play sessions. You can check your BOLT's approximate battery level by connecting to your BOLT in the Sphero Edu app and looking at the battery icon within the app.
  5. If you want to charge several BOLTs simultaneously, you can use a USB hub. Please ensure each port supports 600mAh to achieve the spec charging rate. If you are not sure that your USB hub meets our specs, or is safe to use, here are some specific options you can purchase:
    1. Sphero 6-Port USB Hubs (2x)
    2. Imuto 6-Port hub on Amazon
    3. Last 10 USB Port on Macgear (for Australian users)


If your BOLT does not look like it is charging, please try the following:

  • Change the USB cable you are using
  • Change the USB port you are charging from (try a USB wall charger)
  • Reposition the BOLT on the cradle, so that the inductive charger is contacting the bottom of BOLT
  • Press the button on the charger to reset BOLT

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