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BLE Connection TroubleshootingUpdated 5 months ago

If your BLE circuit becomes disconnected from your smart device: 
  • Make sure that your device is within operating range of your Bluetooth Low Energy Bit (about 80ft/25m). Try moving closer and see if your circuit automatically reconnects.
  • Check that the Bits in your circuit are all connected, and it is powered on. Check all connections, wipe them gently with a cloth, or try swapping in a fresh battery.

If your BLE Bit is green but you're not able to control your circuit with your device:  
  • Check the order of the Bits in your circuit.
    • To control your circuit with a smart device, make sure there is a green output Bit after your Bluetooth Low Energy Bit.
    • If you want to use your circuit to control your device, make sure there is an input Bit before the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit.
  • Make sure another device is not already connected to your Bluetooth Low Energy Bit. If this is the case, disconnect that device and connect yours.
  • Turn the power Bit off and back on again. Also try closing and restarting the app.

Your Bluetooth Low Energy Bit is ready to connect to your device when the LED is blinking white. When the LED turns green, you are connected.


If you’re having trouble connecting:
  • Make sure your circuit is connected to power. The Bluetooth Low Energy Bit can’t connect to a device if the circuit isn’t receiving power. If the LED on the power Bit looks dim, you may want to try switching out the battery.
  • Check the settings on your smart device and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. NOTE: do not use your device's Bluetooth settings to connect - always use the connection helper in the app.
  • If you’re using auto-connect, place the top left corner of your phone very close to the Bluetooth Low Energy Bit, even to the point of touching it. If this doesn’t work, try manual connect.
  • If you’re using manual connect on your device, make sure you are in range of your Bluetooth Low Energy Bit. If it’s not working, try moving your device closer to the Bit.
  • Check to make sure the status light is blinking white when you first power on your circuit. If it is green, another device may already be connected.

Please note, if your BLE bit is red, this means an unexpected error has occurred, and you may need some extra help. Contact the customer support team here.

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