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Fuse FAQUpdated 10 months ago

What is Fuse?

Fuse is a virtual circuit builder and programming platform, when used with the codeBit, for littleBits.

Is Fuse compatible with mobile devices? 

No, Fuse is not fully compatible with the mobile version of the Chrome browser. 

What can I do in the Fuse app?

Build virtual circuits; code in Blocks or Java-Script; run programs on the codeBit. For activities go to classroom.littlebits.com. 

What Kits are compatible with the Fuse app? 

STEAM+ Coding Kit/Class Pack, Code Kit/Class Pack, Pro Library*, individual codeBit 

Is the Fuse app replacing the Code Kit app? 

Yes. In 2022, the Fuse app will completely replace the Code Kit app. All tutorials and inventions can be found on Classroom.

Do I need a Classroom account to use Fuse? 

No, however an educator account is needed to save Workspaces and monitor student progress.

*Please note that not all Bits are available in the circuit builder section of Fuse. We started with the STEAM+ Kit and we plan on adding more in the future.
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