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SPRK+ not ConnectingUpdated a year ago

  1. Your robot's battery could be low. Ensure that your SPRK+ is fully charged by placing it on the charging cradle. Make sure the robot is level, heavy side down, and the blue charger light is blinking. SPRK+ is fully charged after about 3 hours, or once the blue charging light is solid.
  2. Your robot could be in deep-sleep mode. Place SPRK+ in the charging cradle and wait for it to blink through its rainbow-colored sequence. Remove SPRK+ from the cradle and pair it with a mobile device by opening the Sphero Edu app and holding the device next to SPRK+.
  3. Your mobile device may not have Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0). While you may be able to install the Sphero Edu app on your device, there are some devices that don’t support Bluetooth Smart, such as iPad 2, and some Android 4.4+ devices.

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