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Other littleBits appsUpdated 6 months ago

The following apps had previously announced removal dates, but we have retracted this announcement and are keeping these apps in the App Stores for the time being.

Gizmos & Gadgets 2

Associated Kits: All

Content: Many unsupported features are being removed from the app, such as Challenges and Account Sign In. The sole function of this app is currently to control the w30 BLE Bit. All inventions and lessons can be found on littleBits Classroom.

Programming Platform: N/A

littleBits App

The littleBits app requires an Apple iPad or mobile device (iOS 10.0 or later). Android and Amazon devices are not compatible at this time.

Associated Kits:

  • Base Inventor
  • Space Rover Inventor
  • Electronic Music Inventor

Content: All inventions can be viewed at the links in this article. The in-app controls for the Space Rover Inventor Kit are needed to control the w33 Control Hub Bit.

Programming Platform: N/A.

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