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Power Pack modes and light indicatorUpdated 5 months ago

Power On

To turn the Sphero SPRK+ Power Pack on, plug it in and flip the switch. If everything is good to go, you'll see the green LED indicator light up on the front of the pack. When Power Pack is plugged in, it will charge your 12 Sphero SPRK+ robots and power the cooling fan to make sure you're always ready to roll!

Power Off

If the Sphero SPRK+ Power Pack is unplugged or the switch is in the off position, the pack is in Power Off mode. 


Overheating occurs when the case is powered on, and the thermal switch measures above 50 degrees Celsius, which can happen in extreme conditions or when the cooling vents are blocked. The Sphero SPRK+ Power Pack will let you know when it's overheating with the red LED light on the front of the case. 

Temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius can harm the robots and power pack itself. Power to the robot charging cradles will automatically be disabled to eliminate the heat source, but the power to the fan cooling system remains on in order to quickly cool the pack. Once the temperature measures below 40 degrees Celsius, power is automatically restored to the robot charging cradles and the pack will return to its normal Power On mode.

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