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Makerspace Invention Wall / Pro Library Storage optionsUpdated 3 months ago

The littleBits Makerspace Invention Wall does not contain Tackleboxes or Durable Storage containers, but instead includes the mountable Wall Storage.


The littleBits Pro Library shipped with 3 Durable Storage containers to keep things organized and easy to store.

If you would like a Wall Mount to keep everything accessible in your workshop or makerspace, check out our Wall Mount here.


The Wall Mount comes with 60 small bins and 20 larger bins (sized 5 1⁄2 x 4 x 3" and 7 1⁄2 x 4 x 3") and 5 Wall Mount Panel Racks (sized 18 x 19")

The following is not the only way of organizing your Pro Library, but it is a setup that has worked for us:

Power[ ], input [ ], wire [ ], and output [ ] modules are organized by columns

Accessories can occupy the bottom row of the Pro Library.

We find that the most efficient ,way of organizing the modules into their bins is in ascending order of their identifying numbers (ex. i11, i12, i13), and by columns.

Make it accessible! Mount your Pro Library in a wide open space, so users can easily explore all the different modules in the littleBits universe

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