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Sphero Edu QR CodesUpdated 3 months ago

Types of QR Codes

The Sphero Edu app can scan and open official Sphero Edu QR codes. Sphero Edu QR codes are QR codes that lead to a URL for a public program or public activity. Any QR code leading to another website, service, etc. will fail when scanned within the Sphero Edu app. User-made QR codes that meet the requirements of the Edu app are also supported. These user-made QR codes must link to a program or activity.

Supported Platforms

The Sphero Edu app has in-app QR code scanning on the following platforms, provided the app version is 5.2.4 or higher:

  • iOS
  • Android (including Chromebooks)
QR code scanning is not currently available in the Amazon Fire OS, Windows, or macOS versions of the Edu app.

Products with QR Codes

Various Sphero products include QR codes. These codes allow for quick, convenient shortcuts to programs and activities. The current products with Sphero Edu-supported QR codes include:

  • Computer Science Foundations: All 3 Sphero Computer Science Foundation curriculum books include QR codes that can be scanned by teachers and students to open the associated CS Foundations activities.
  • Sphero Mini Edu activity cards: Edu activity cards are bundled with the 16 pack release of Sphero Mini. These cards include QR codes that allow the user to quickly open associated programs.

Creating Your Own Codes

Each public program or activity can be made into a shareable QR code. Follow these steps to create your own!

  1. Go to edu.sphero.com in your browser and find the program or activity you'd like to create a QR code for.
  2. Select and copy the URL from the address bar for that activity or program.
  3. Enter or paste the copied address in a QR code generator. There are generally two types of QR codes: static and dynamic. Dynamic QR codes include a "short URL" and allow you to change the program or activity URL later without needing to change the QR code itself.
    1. Static QR codes work well for all programs and activities. These are easily read by the Sphero Edu app on all supported platforms.
    2. Dynamic QR codes are supported in the Sphero Edu app. These are useful if you want to use the same QR code over time, but change the associated program or activity at a later date. Dynamic QR codes need to include a short URL that is "HTTPS" as opposed to "HTTP". This will ensure compatibility with iOS and Android versions of the Sphero Edu app.

NOTE: Dynamic QR codes may appear as "invalid" on the Chromebook version of Sphero Edu. If this happens, use static QR codes instead.


Invalid QR Codes
  • Make sure you are scanning a valid Sphero Edu QR code. A valid QR code always leads to a program or activity in the Edu app.
  • Programs and Activities must be made public, otherwise they will display as an "invalid QR code" when scanned by other users. However, you can scan your own private QR codes as long as you are signed in and have access to them.
  • If a dynamic QR code is scanned, the short URL must include HTTPS for security purposes. Otherwise it will appear as an "invalid" QR code when scanned on iOS and Android devices.
  • Unofficial dynamic QR codes are not supported on Chromebook. If an unofficial QR code is scanned, it will appear as an "invalid" QR code.
Camera Issues
  • Camera permissions need to be granted on the following platforms before users can access the QR code scanner in the Sphero Edu app:
    • iOS
    • Android
    If these permissions are denied initially, then they will need to be enabled through the device operating system settings before access to the QR code scanner is allowed.
Difficulty Scanning
  • Ensure there is enough lighting on the QR code for the camera to adequately scan the code.
  • Some cameras on devices do not have auto focus. As a result, QR codes may appear blurry when they are too close to the camera. Move the QR code further away from the camera until it is in focus.
  • If you are having trouble scanning your own QR codes, try resizing them and making them bigger. Larger QR codes are easier to scan with some cameras.

If you have completed all of the above troubleshooting steps, and are still receiving an error code when scanning official Sphero QR codes on an Android mobile device, please use a third party QR scanner app such as Google Lens.
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