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Publishing Sphero Edu ActivitiesUpdated 3 months ago

Sphero Edu allows you to publish your own custom activities for use by the community. When you publish your activity, it is sent to the Sphero Edu team for review. If your submitted activity is approved by the team, it will appear in the Community Activities section of the Sphero Edu apps for use by the entire community. If your submitted activity is rejected by the team, it will revert to a private status and will not be available for the community to use.

Who Can Publish Activities?

If you have a parent or teacher account, you can sign in and create your own activities on the Sphero Edu website. The activity builder is only available on the website and is not available in the Sphero Edu app clients on iOS, macOS, Android, or Windows.

What Makes a Good Activity?

Follow these guidelines to ensure your activity is approved for publishing:

  • Community activities should provide a robust educational experience that creates value for the community at large. If your activity is not intended for the community at large, consider sharing it privately with your class rather than publicly.
  • Focus on rich experiences by adding images, instructor tips, and assessments.
  • Adding a starting program can be a great way to jumpstart a user's experience with your activity.
  • Activities must be appropriate for all ages. Review our rejection guidelines below.
  • Be careful with web links and videos. All links and video content should be of an educational nature and applicable to the activity itself.

Why Was My Activity Rejected?

If we deem a submitted activity inappropriate for the broad community of Sphero Edu users, the activity will be rejected. The guidelines below provide common reasons why activity submissions may be rejected.

Review Rejection Guidelines:



Promotion of violence

  • Portrayals of violence against people or animals.
  • Depictions of reckless use of weapons or dangerous objects.
  • Threats of violence toward others.
  • Portrayal of weapons (hand guns, assault weapons, swords, knives, grenades, rocket launchers, etc.).

Hate speech

  • Harmful words that target a group or individual based on inherent characteristics (such as race, religion, and gender).

Sexual references or nudity

  • Images, text, drawings, etc. that are sexual in nature.

Drug references

  • Promotion of drugs, drug use, or drug paraphernalia.

Publishing personal Info

  • Purposefully or accidentally showing your personal info (phone number, email,  address, etc.).
  • Accidentally or innocently posting other people’s personal information (phone number, email,  address, etc.).


  • Commonly accepted inappropriate words, abbreviations for inappropriate words, innuendo, etc.
  • Language that is not clearly appropriate for all ages.

Non-educational self-promotion 

  • Self promotion of personal channels (like Twitter, YouTube, etc.), or personal websites for the sake of personal gain (likes, increasing audience, advertisements, etc.).

Scary content

  • Images, text, or content that could frighten children and young learners.

Non-educational URLs or links

  • URLs to any website that does not provide educational value and is not related to the activity in review.

Redundant or minimal education value

  • Activity content is the same (or nearly the same) as existing Sphero activities or community activities
  • Activity does not provide meaningful education value for users, even if it does not contain inappropriate content

The Fine Print

You acknowledge that by submitting material or ideas to Sphero (a) your submissions and their contents, together with any underlying intellectual property rights therein, will become the property of Sphero without any compensation to you; and (b) Sphero may use or disclose your submissions and their contents in any manner and to any third party Sphero chooses, in its sole discretion. If your Activity is accepted and finalized by our team, you agree to permit Sphero to publish it. Notwithstanding anything above, even after acceptance and finalization of content, Sphero reserves the right not to publish any Activity at any time for any or no reason.

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