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Specdrums EDU 12 Pack FAQUpdated 10 months ago

Which apps does the Specdrums EDU 12 Pack work with?

Your new 12 Pack will work with the Specdrums MIX app (available on iOS and Android), as well as the Specdrums EDU app (only available on iOS at this time).

What comes with the Specdrums EDU 12 Pack?

The Specdrums EDU 12 Pack includes: 12 rings, 6 play pads, 6 dual micro USB cables, Ring ID card, set of 8 playable sticker sheets, and 73 Specdrums Activity Cards.

Does it come with a charging hub?

This product does not include the 6-port charging hub.

Are the Specdrums that come in the EDU 12 Pack any different from Specdrums that are purchased individually?

The rings in the EDU 12 Pack have one key difference: they are individually numbered to make pairing easier.

Can I buy a replacement ring with a number on it if one is lost or damaged?

Any replacement rings will be blank. Numbered rings are only available in the EDU 12 pack.

Are Specdrums waterproof?

They are not. Since the micro USB port is exposed, Specdrums cannot be submerged in water. You are, however, ok to clean your product with a damp cloth should it get dirty.

How do I connect my rings?

Follow these easy steps:

1) Plug in your ring to wake it up

2) Open the Specdrums EDU app

3) Navigate to the ring connection screen

4) Connect to your ring's ID (as shown on the Ring ID sheet included in the 12 pack)

5) Unplug your ring before use

You can also connect over Bluetooth MIDI to other music software on mobile devices and even laptops and computers. You must first run a firmware update through either the Specdrums MIX or Specdrums Edu app before connecting over MIDI. 

Can I replace the battery in my Specdrums?

Specdrum's batteries are located within the product and cannot be changed.

How do I charge them up?

Your rings can be charged with the micro USB cord included in your 12 pack, or with any micro USB charger.

How long does it take to charge?

About an hour. You'll be making music in no time!

How long does a charge last?

You'll get about 2 hours of play per full charge.

How do I prolong my battery life?

Don't keep your rings on the charger! Let them charge up, remove them when the battery's full, and only pop them back on the charger when they're out of battery.

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