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Sphero Sports FAQUpdated 9 months ago

How Many Students can Participate?

A 2:1 ratio per robot provides the best learning experience, so a maximum of 30 students at a time using 15 Sphero BOLT robots. However, the package can be used across multiple classes, groups and grades to widen the exposure of STEAM education and value from the Sphero Sports package.

Students from primary/elementary school through to secondary/high school, can enjoy the combination of sports and coding with Sphero Sports. When using Sphero BOLT, students are able to navigate Sphero Sports at various levels of learning, depending on age group and ability level of learning.

Who Teaches Sphero Sports?

The sports foundation staff (coaches or educators) or teachers within schools will deliver the Sphero Sports sessions. Professional development for teachers and staff is provided as part of the Sphero Sports package.

What are the Benefits of Using Sphero Sports?

Students can explore STEAM learning through sport and coding, which will help students develop the critical skills needed for the 21st century. Through hands-on play, students will be able to explore their imagination and curiosity while problem-solving through collaboration, communication and initiative, all linked to the fundamentals of sport and coding.

What are the Learning Objectives?

The sports coding activities within Sphero Sports enable students to develop math and computer science skills by playing sports with Sphero. Students will be able to recognize angles as a property of shapes, classify geometric shapes, solve practical problems for time, as well as use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement.

How much is the Sphero Sports Package?

$6,995 (+ Tax) or £6,995 (inc VAT)

How do I Purchase this?

Please, contact [email protected] for more information and to place an order for the Sphero Sports package.

How Long will it Take to Receive?

It will be shipped within 7 business days of placing your order.

What Devices do I Need?

The Sphero Sports package uses our programmable robotic ball, Sphero BOLT, which is paired via Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, Chrome operating systems and devices. For detailed device compatibility, please check here.

Can I Purchase the Items in the Bundle Separately?

At this stage, the Sphero Sports package is a bespoke bundle with all components sold together.

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