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SPRK+ to BOLT Upgrade ProgramUpdated 7 days ago

What is the BOLT Upgrade Program?

At Sphero, we're constantly working to improve our product lineup to support student's and teachers needs and interests. Sphero BOLT was designed for education based on educator feedback to enrich teaching and provide endless learning opportunities.

We are offering our educators and learners the opportunity to upgrade their loved and used SPRK+ robots and save on our most advanced round robot - Sphero BOLT.

How Much Does this Cost?

For every SPRK+ robot you return, you can purchase a new BOLT robot for $129 ($50 off the regular price of $179).

For every SPRK+ Power Pack you return, you can purchase a new BOLT Power Pack for $2249 ($750 off the regular price of $2999).

If you are returning a SPRK+ 12-Pack, you can purchase 12 new BOLT robots at $129 each.

What About Shipping Costs?

Sphero will cover the cost of returning your SPRK+ units to our warehouse. A prepaid UPS shipping label will be provided. You just need to package them up and drop them off at your nearest UPS store.

If you are returning a SPRK+ Power Pack, you can simply zip tie the Power Pack to ensure it stays closed, and apply the UPS return shipping label directly to the outside of the SPRK+ Power Pack.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs of the new BOLT purchase. You can estimate shipping costs using our online quoting tool.

Do I Qualify for the BOLT Upgrade Program?

If you are an educator and own SPRK+, a SPRK+ 12-Pack, or a SPRK+ Power Pack, you qualify for the BOLT Upgrade Program. Your SPRK+ robots do not have to be in working condition to qualify.

At this time, the BOLT Upgrade Program is only available to US customers.

If you are located in Australia, you can participate in the BOLT Upgrade Program through our trusted retailer, MacGear - please contact them here.

How Many Robots Can I Upgrade?

There is no limit to the number of robots you can upgrade. If you have one SPRK+ robot you want to upgrade, great! If you have a whole classroom full of SPRK+ robots you want to upgrade, that works, too!

How Do I Start this Process?

Please fill out this form.

I Filled out the Form. What's Next?

A member of our team will be in touch with details on returning your old SPRK+ robots. We will provide a return shipping label for your robots. Once you have completed the form, you can start looking for boxes to package up your SPRK+ robots.

If you do not hear from a team member within five business days, please reach out to [email protected].

I Returned My Robots. Now What?

Once our warehouse receives your old SPRK+ robots, a member of our team will be in touch with a coupon code you can use online for your new BOLT robot purchase.

How do I Use My Coupon?

If you have not placed an order on our website before, we recommend that you create an online account. This will allow you to keep track of your purchases. Additionally, if you are a tax-exempt school, you can register your online account as tax-exempt so that you can check out online without tax.

When you reach the cart, you can enter the provided coupon code to apply your discount. The coupon code will only work for the same number of robots you exchanged. If you want to purchase a lesser quantity, please let us know when we reach out with your coupon code.

Using a Purchase Order

If you need to use a Purchase Order for the new BOLT robots, please submit the Purchase Order to [email protected] and reference your coupon code on the Purchase Order. Please remember to include shipping costs. If you need to calculate shipping costs, you can use our online quote tool.

I Need a Quote to Place my Upgrade Order

Please contact a member of our team at [email protected] to request a quote. Please mention your coupon code.

I Want to Upgrade to a BOLT Power Pack

If you are returning individual SPRK+ robots, but want to upgrade to a BOLT Power Pack, we can apply your credit to a BOLT Power Pack purchase. You will earn a credit of $50 for each SPRK+ robot you return.


You are returning 6 SPRK+ robots for a credit of $50 each. This gives you a $300 credit (6 robots x $50)

You can apply the $300 credit towards the BOLT Power Pack purchase price of $2999.

Your total for the BOLT Power Pack purchase would be $2699.

Note: You can apply a max credit of $750 towards each Power Pack Purchase.

I Still Have Questions

You can reach out to a member of our support team at [email protected]. We also have a team of Sphero Edu Specialists to assist in finding the perfect offering for your classroom needs - you can reach them at [email protected].

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