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SPRK+ ModesUpdated 10 months ago


To connect, open the Sphero Edu App and hold your mobile device next to SPRK+. You will see the “SPRK+ Connected” notification and robot LED’s will change to the color set on the color wheel in the Drive screen, which is Blue by default. To manually disconnect, you can background or close the app and SPRK+ will enter Sleep mode. SPRK+ will also disconnect after 5 minutes of inactivity or if it is driven out of Bluetooth range (about 100ft). 


It takes up to 3 hours to recharge the battery. During charging, the blue light indicator on the charging cradle will blink. When fully charged, the light indicator will turn solid blue. By default, the robot will stay awake while charging and the app is connected but will sleep after you close the app. 

Firmware Update

Firmware updates are often released to fix bugs and add new functionality to all Sphero robots. These updates occur automatically when you connect SPRK+ to your mobile device and take about 30 seconds to complete. The LEDs will blink orange when updating. You can see the current firmware version installed by going to app Settings. If you have trouble updating firmware ensure your battery indicator is green or place the robot in the charging cradle. Slow blinking red lights on SPRK+ indicate that you started a firmware that did not complete. Please reconnect SPRK+ to the Sphero Edu app and allow the firmware update to complete and SPRK+ will return to Play mode.


Sleep mode is the default mode when SPRK+ is not connected to a mobile device. When fully charged, sleep mode allows SPRK+ to remain on standby and ready to connect for 9 months without being recharged.

Deep Sleep

The first time your open SPRK+ it will be in Deep Sleep mode. You can bring it to Sleep mode by placing it on the charging cradle.

Battery Indicator

The battery indicator in the Sphero Edu app displays the charge level of your robot. Green indicates a high charge, yellow indicates low (10% remaining) and red indicates very low (5% remaining). When the battery indicator is red, SPRK+ robot will also flash red every 2 seconds. After a few minutes of use on low battery, SPRK+ will go to deep sleep and requires recharging.

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