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SPRK+ Power Pack General InformationUpdated 5 months ago

The SPRK+ Power Pack lets you charge, store, and carry 12 Sphero SPRK+ robots. To find out what's inside and pricing, visit our store. Keep reading for usage information:


  1. Place Spheros on the charging cradles.
  2. Plug power cord into Power Pack and a wall outlet, and turn the power switch on. The front green light indicates the power is on, and the blinking blue charger lights indicate Spheros are charging.
  3. Charge Spheros for 3 hours or until the blue charger lights stop blinking. It is OK to keep Spheros on the charger for longer. Remove Spheros from the cradles to get the party started.


If you are not using the robots for a few weeks, it’s best to fully charge, turn off, and then store them.

  1. With the Power Pack on, press and hold the cradle button and simultaneously remove SPRK+ to turn it off. Repeat for all robots and place them aside. You can also turn off your robot in the settings of the Sphero Edu app.
  2. Toggle the power switch off and unplug the Power Pack.
  3. Place robots back inside Power Pack and store at room temperature. To turn robots on after storage, plug in and turn on the Power Pack. After storing for several months, you may need to recharge the robots.


SPRK+ robots may stop charging unexpectedly if the Power Pack gets too warm. If this happens:

  1. The green light on the front of the case will change to red and the blue charging cradle lights will turn off.
  2. Open the lid and allow the Power Pack to cool; the fans will continue to run.
  3. Once cooled, the red light on the front will change back to green, and the blue charging cradle lights will turn back on to indicate the robots have resumed charging.
  4. If overheating occurs often, consider moving the Power Pack to a cool or ventilated room and keep the lid open while charging.


  1. DO NOT touch SPRK+ robots when Power Pack is overheated. The robots could be extremely hot.
  2. DO NOT cover air vents. Doing so could cause the Power Pack to overheat and cause damage to SPRK+ robots.
  3. DO NOT submerge or spray water at the Power Pack. SPRK+ robots are waterproof, but the Power Pack is not.
  4. DO NOT disassemble the Power Pack.
  5. DO NOT use the Power Pack if the power supply is damaged.
  6. DO NOT use an extension cord between power supply and the wall outlet. Make sure the power cord is safely placed to avoid any danger of tripping or damage to the cord.

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