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Wall Storage Mounting InstructionsUpdated 7 months ago

Looking for littleBits Wall Storage mounting instructions? You’ve come to the right place!

To begin, gather up your materials

Your wall storage shipped with:

● 5 Wall Panels

● 80 Bins

● Bin Labels

You will also need:

● Wall Anchors x 20

● 1 ¼” - 1 ½“ Screws x 20

● Countersunk Washers x 20

● Pencil

● Screwdriver

● Ruler

● Level

● Tape Measure

Find an accessible area with a blank wall to mount your wall storage


As a general rule of thumb, it is helpful to have your wall storage mounted in an open and

visible area not in a corner or behind other tools or fixtures. With younger users, we

recommend that you keep the area beneath the wall storage free of any desks or

shelving, as it might make the bins harder to reach.

Surface & Anchor Selection

Ensure that the surface you select can adequately support both wall panels with a

maximum load of Bits. Unless the surface you are mounting to is ¾” thick plywood, you

must use anchors for installing your panels. The type of anchors and screws you use will

be different depending on the surface you’re mounting the panels to. Plastic anchors

work well for mounting the panels onto drywall.


Before you begin the installation, decide on a maximum height for your purple wall

panels. Most adult users set the max height of their panels to somewhere between 75"

and 78" (190-198 cm). If the majority of your users are children, we recommend a

maximum height of anywhere between 55" and 64" (140-162cm).


We recommend arranging the purple panels in two rows of two (a 2 by 2 square). This

arrangement covers an area 36" wide by 38" tall, so make sure you have enough wall

space if this is the arrangement you plan on using. You also have an extra wall panel that

you can set up however best accommodates your space.

Hang up the panels

As with most things in life, it is much easier to mount the purple panels with the help of a friend.

With the right amount of elbow grease, this should take no more than 30 minutes.

1. Once you’ve decided on a height, use the tape measure and a pencil to mark that

height for the top left pilot hole for your panel.

2. If you are mounting to drywall, you can simply use your screwdriver to drill a hole for

your wall anchor - simply apply some pressure on your mark while turning the screwdriver.

If you have a drill on hand, use a bit that is slightly smaller than your anchor.

3. Mark the next pilot hole 16" to the right of your first pilot hole, using a ruler and level.

Drill the hole.

4. Insert a wall anchor into each of the holes you’ve just made.

5. Match up the mounting holes on the top edge of the panel to the holes you’ve just

made, so you can easily mark the lower pilot holes without having to measure them out.

6. Once you’ve marked those, set the panel aside and drill the last two holes for this

panel. Insert a wall anchor into each of those holes.

7. Screw on your panel with a washer and screw to each hole.

8. Set the next panel right up against the edge of the panel you’ve just mounted.

9. Mark your pilot holes, set aside the panel, and drill the holes. Place an anchor in each,

and screw on your second-panel using washers and screws.

10. Repeat steps (8) and (9) for the remaining panels.

11. Congratulations! You’ve installed your littleBits Wall Storage panels!

Add bins and labels

A variety of large and small bins came with your wall storage. To attach the bins to the wall

panels, simply hook the back of the bins to the indented areas on the wall panels.

Slide-in bin labels to the front of the bins. We recommend organizing Bits in columns based on

function. For example, you can create columns for power, input, wire, and output Bits and


We find that the most efficient way of organizing the modules into their bins is in ascending order

of their identifying numbers (ex. i11, i12, i13), and by columns.

Add Bits

Puts Bits and accessories into the bins with the corresponding label.

Let the fun begin!

Well, that was easy! Now it’s time to start exploring and learning with your Bits. Check out

classroom.littlebits.com for activity and invention ideas to get started

Additional Akro-Mils storage bins can be purchased directly from Uline.

littleBits Wall Storage is compatible with:

  • Small Bins: 5.5" x 4.0" x 3.0"
  • Large Bins: 7.5" x 4.0" x 3.0"

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