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What apps and devices are needed for the STEAM+ Coding Kit?Updated a year ago

You can get started device-free with the STEAM Student Core lessons right out of the box!

Once you're class is ready to level up, you can introduce coding lessons with littleBits Fuse.

littleBits Fuse App

The STEAM+ Coding Kit was designed specifically for Sphero's new Fuse app. Expand upon what your inventions can do using the littleBits Fuse app to program your Bits using conditionals, loops, and functions. See how the Bits fit together in the virtual circuit builder to see what you can create with or without owning all the Bits. Designed for learner progression, program using blocks or JavaScript, all you need is the included codeBit.

Technical: Fuse is a progressive web app that is browser based and uses Chrome’s fast web USB/BLE API for connection management. Device must have bluetooth capability to download code from the Fuse app to the codeBit. For programming Fuse uses MakeCodes block programming canvas.

Fuse works with most up to date computers, not with mobile devices. Please review the littleBits Fuse Compatibility article.

There is a built-in getting started guide for littleBits Fuse.

On https://fuse.littlebits.com/builder, click the "Getting Started?" button on the top of the page and a new window will pop up which has everything you need to begin.

You can also follow along on here.

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