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What Colors can Specdrums Play?Updated 5 months ago

Specdrums play the spectrum of colors on virtually any surface. Our playing pads represent an ideal surface with hard reflective materials and consistent and distinct colors for playing on. We consider these colors used in our packaging to be our default colors. To play different colors from your environment you may reassign existing colors by holding the desired note bubble and tapping a new color, or start anew by creating a new bubble by holding the circle on the app and tapping a color with your ring and then dragging to select a note.

Note: Some surfaces are better for drumming than others. For instance, an orange plastic chair will provide better results than an orange shirt hung on a clothes line. The shirt will allow light through the other side and the impact might be so slight you might not register your tap as a tap to begin with. The plastic chair is a better choice because the light will reflect back to the ring and make a small impact with the rigid plastic, allowing for highly reliable tap detection.

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