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Okay, so I hate that HUGE backside FCC logo.

I never expected too see that massive FCC logo. It really messes with the whole artistic composition as it is as big as the logo.. an FCC compliance sticker or stamp should never be THIS big. At times when it is rolling, that can be more focus than the logo and in good art design, your brand should never be overpowered by some compliance stamp like that. It might be required for some legal reason, but really, that size? I have all kinds of electronics, nothing has ever had one on par with a size which competes for the brands logo and attention it is stamped on. Why couldn't it have just been a sticker.

Fortunately, as I posted on twitter, I might take some fine sandpaper and sand down that 1 area and blend and hide that beast of a logo. This way, the clear plastic will become obscured and blend and hide it more into the white because when you sand plexiglass like that, it becomes white. I have done this on other art projects as the scuffs of sandpaper on plexiglass will become white and obscure what can be seen through it.

Is there any way you can post a picture of it? I haven't received mine yet.

Sorry, no photo. I looked in Google images and none of the photos I see show the backside....hmmmmm

Just imagine, it is about the same size as the cool logo exactly on opposite "side". My plan is to take light sandpaper and sand it down as over all of this FCC text and what not is a clear cover to make sure it stays rounded. That clear, if sanded down with fine sand paper, should become somewhat white and obscure all that ugly nonsense. I am just waiting until mine is a bit more beat up.

It does take away greatly from Sphero's appearance....It would have been nice to just be a sticker, makes sense. I think I'm just gonna stick a cool sticker over it :-)

I don't find it distracting. when the sphero is moving it is not noticeable. the blue LOGO doesn't really even distract me. if you want to hide it a sticker about the size of a quarter will do just fine. BTW the logo the OP is referring to is placed in accordance to FCC and CE regulations. the actual logos are about 1/4 inch on a side. the total area is about i/2 a pinky finger nail. 

It really is not worth complaining about.

The actual size of the sphero is what caught me off guard. It is bigger than I expected.

Id like to see a smaller version clear so I can see the guts with a camera so we can see where its going 

the Sphero is a cool thing


To each his own.. I do think it is very distracting and given the size of all that FCC info is the size of the logo, competes with the logo. Sure you cant see it when it rolls to some degree, but it is not always rolling. Then again, I am a visual graphics guy so composition matters to me and aesthetics matter and I did not expect something on par with the size of the logo. Hell, that FCC garbage is on a lot of devices we own.. but not nearly THAT big and when you think of the size of the ball, it is not something you ca miss.

And for those thinking a sticker will do it.. not. If you use this for any length of time on any surface other than your home, a sticker is not going to last. Sandpaper will be the fix, trust me.

We can agree.. it is a trick item and pretty darn cool. I just think that FCC logo steals from an otherwise clean presentation with one nice blue logo and then POW..  the FCC logo

The FCC logo is only slightly 1 or 2 mm larger on the Sphero as it is on my Iphone. I just dont see what he big deal is.  it is grey text it is not just the FCC logo it is FCC CE the "made in china" and the don't dispose symbols along with the word sphero.

I suppose if you are a graphics kind of guy you can design your own version make it into stickers for everybody and send them out to all who don't like the quarter size area being used for regulatory stamps.

The same could be said of the iphone since there are no less than 5 regulatory logos on it.s back. A sticker is will look worse. sanding the shiny finish off the small area might accomplish the same result but then there will be a dull spot.. which is worse? I think that given the government regulations requiring said logo that they did the best they could under the conditions.

Any smaller and a magnifying glass would be required to read it or know it is there.  


yup to each his own.


I hate it too. Did you manage to 'blur' the Sphero and hide it in the end? Could you post photos if you did as I'm considering the same.

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