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Am I suppose to be able to see the shadow of the innards?

So, I love the inner light effect BUT it is really disappointing to see the backlit shadow of the inner gizmo on the inside shell of the ball. I expected just solid light in the ball, instead, the light is always kind of obscured by that star looking inner mechanical piece and it is a BIG piece. Is it suppose to be like this as no videos I watched indicated the light would throw a backlit shadow onto the inner components which would then be seen on the ball like a person making hand puppets on a wall.

According to support,  "this is from a stabilizer that allows the internal componentry to stabilize and move Sphero" - to bad it has to be so darn visible as it really detracts from the design ethic since the bottom of the ball as no color and the top you can see is detracted by this huge 3 pointed star looking "stabilizer".

Now you can see what I am talking about here as this guy took one apart and now you can see the stabilizer that casts the shadow.

I like the stabilizer shadow. It helps show which way is "front" looking at the top.

I found this too

But yeah, It's odd mine does that too instead of showing no shadow like the rest of the videos.  At least it does not affect the functionality of it.   I'm wondering if the LED bulb is loose inside of it or something?

Based on Marc's link, I can see C - C.  Top Slip Bearing. You can kind of see it at the :50 mark, but in the dark, you can REALLY see it

Yeah they should have make the slip top bearing part in clear plastic, to help with the anti shadowing, or maybe they could have placed more LEDs on the inside of the Sphero like maybe on the front, back and above each wheel on the motherboard to help with shadowing, but it's as good as it is.. I guess I'm spoiled by the even LED light distribution on the Playstation Move controller.. :)

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