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So why different OEM apps that seem to do same thing?

For example, it seems Sphero Drive can do virtually everything Sphero can do but maybe 1 thing (draw) and yet it has an extra drive feature, and vice versa. And it seems you can draw in Sphero and yet there is a stand alone more stout drawing one specifically Sphero Draw N' Drive.

Why does this additionally matter? Every time you switch apps you loose connection and have to reacquire connection with the ball and that app.

Point is, in the end, it seems like a bunch of fragmentation in the OEM apps and rather confusing why all functions could not be in 1 complete Sphero app as there is a ton of redundancy across the at least 3 of the apps and no doubt 4 could be combined into 1 with the Golf game maybe being separate as it is a "game".

Locked and loaded - Thanks for your feedback.  We truly appreciate any thoughts and ideas from our fans, and take it to heart.  

Agreed, I don't even have mine yet and I've noticed this as I play with the apps daily to get used to them for when it gets here....Golf is fine on it's own, but the rest seem like they should just be together.....Is it a size issue? Trying to keep the app small so maybe less errors? I'm just curious.....

Even if it is about file size, in the end nothing is solved if you download all of the apps that do essentially the same thing except for maybe 1 minor difference. For example, 1 app that does it all in 5mb is no different and actually better than 3 apps at 2mb, 2mb, 1mb.

I'd rather just have one app that does everything too. Just let the game apps be separate, like golf, but tie the rest of the functionality in the same app. Would be more fun to not have to change apps.

For sure keep "games" separate, but Sphero Drive and Sphero and Sphero Draw N' Drive should all be 1 app.

Agreed, even the "Sphero Cam" could be added in there as well so you can take faster advantage of neat things you're doing/thing happening with your Sphero.

Oh man, now that I have it, I can def say this needs to be addressed asap. Constantly re-aiming is annoying.....

Feel free to combine stuff as long as it stays below 20MB. Any application over 20MB can not be downloaded on the AT&T 3G network and forces the use of WiFi or iTunes. I'm not sure if the 20MB limit is universal or varies if other networks are involved (especially non-USA).

I think the uncluttered interface of the different apps is better than having a super cluttered UI that has everything in one place. Really don't think it is that big a deal to switch between apps.

I'm just amazed that this thing works so well!

The interface is only as clutered as they make it. Apps can have different screens and each screen only needs to contain what is needed for that task. So, your implying - by saying "cluttered" - everything has to be in 1 screen all shoved in. It does not and really, it is not now. The problem is now, there is a ton of redundancy between apps, so if anything, it is confusing.

Also, if you jump between apps right now, you have to remake your BT connection. That is kind of a PITA.

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