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Is it pet resistant?

I have a small dog that could easily snatch sphero and refuse to share this wonderful toy.  How tough is the exoskeleton?  I wouldn't want Sphero to suffer an imminent end.

Hi Steve and Sandra,

Sphero has a tough, high-impact polycarbonate shell.  That said, we don't encourage allowing the family pooch to chew on him as he is a complex electronic device.  Most of our team at Orbotix are pet owners and have found, whether dog or cat, that the pets absolutely love Sphero and have a blast.  We are, however, careful to rescue him from overly rough play, or from a good chewing.

Thanks for your question!



My Chihuahua can't get his mouth around it but is having a blast trying to figure this strange ball out. He gets confused/intrigued since it doesn't work like a ball is 'supposed" to work. Only downside I noticed is that I think he manages to confuse sphero enough so the aim is off.

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