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Can Sphero pair with multiple IOS devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad)?

Obviously, only one at a time would be in use but it would be nice to not have to futz too much with things when switching devices.

Actually, it would be cool to permit controlling it from multiple devices but that would put sphero in the middle of the gameplay (having to decide what command to obey). That's more complicated than now where it simply does whatever the (single) app tells it to do. The required coordination and arbitration would probably be better done in one of the IOS devices.

Hi Steve - 

We've found the easiest/quickest way to switch between iOS devices that control Sphero is to turn off Bluetooth, rather than "forgetting" Sphero from one device and then pairing with another.  If, for instance, you pair with your iPhone, and wish to switch to the iPad, you can shut off Bluetooth on the iPhone, fire up the app on the iPad, and you're off and running.  

As for controlling from multiple devices, our developers are looking at that possibility.  For instance, we are working on a game that is similar to "Pong" where two users volley Sphero back and forth using their phones as the paddle.  We're excited about Sphero's limitless potential when it comes to the creativity of our developer community, and appreciate feedback like yours.



I sort of have a question on this too, what about Android devices, does it work in a similar way?  Like if I'm using it on my Nexus, and I if my neice wants to play with Sphero for a while on her iPad I could just turn BT off on mine and then pair with iPad?  Is there a limit on how many devices the Sphero can be paired with?  Or would I have to unregister my Android device for an iPad to use it?

And yeah the Mixed Reality Pong game looks like fun  I hope you guys release it soon, I can't wait to play it with my friends :)

Hi Marc- 

You're correct - If you want to use Sphero with one device or the other, you merely need to make sure that Bluetooth is disabled on the device you aren't using.  Sphero can pair with many devices, but if he is paired with a device with active Bluetooth, he will not recognize another device.


Thanks a lot,



Jake - just a thought - some Spheros are female. Mine certainly is. Perhaps use (s)he instead of he?



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