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Is the Sphero supposed to stop if get a phone call?

So I was messing around with Macrolab (Android) tonight and was modifying one and I got a phone call in the middle of the playback of it.  My Macro was set up to loop until I stopped it.. (it was kinda based off the "default "Flip" macro but I added some modifications to do some crazy things)

Well when I got the call the macro and the Sphero was still going.. After the call ended Macrolab was closed and my Bluetooth connection had shut off.  I tried to turn Bluetooth back on and go back in Macrolab and play and stop my Macro but it had no effect.

I even tried to put it in the charger to try to get it to sleep/charge but it was moving around too much so that didn't work lol.  I really thougth I was unable to shut Sphero off so I was just planning on letting it go and go until the battery wore out, then I thought of something.

The only way I managed to stop it was going into the drive app and somehow it managed to connect it, but the joystick controls didn't work so I hit the turbo button and it was flipping in place like the generic Flip macro.  Then I was able to go in the sub menus and put Sphero to sleep.


Was all this supposed to happen or was that a bug?  Is there anyway to do an "emergency shutoff" on Sphero?.


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It was probably a bug. It keeps doing stuff after you shut off Macrolab because you phone sends the whole command sequence to Sphero. To reset your Sphero to get it working again run a magnet along its hemisphere and it should restart.

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