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What kind of cable connects to the induction charger?

I need to replace the power cable that came with the unit. What kind of cable is it?

Sphero’s induction charger is compatible with 110v – 240v and 50 – 60 Hz.

Any charger that says that on the box piece (either part of the plug or the cord) for INPUT is compatible as long as the end that goes in the induction charger  (the port) fits. Additionally, the OUTPUT values as printed on the bottom of the induction charger are 12V and 500mA.

I had to find a replacement for my Sphero charger after misplacing the original. 


If you happen to own a PSP (Playstation Portable- not a Vita, that uses a different port plug) the charger for that is a perfect fit. 

Revision on my previous comment. While the PSP charger fits and powers up the induction base and ball when Sphero is set on top, it may not charge properly because it's output voltage is lower than the value printed on the base. 


Basically, when you are looking for a replacement charger, you want one that has a range of 110v - 150v listed for INPUT 

In terms of OUTPUT, you need to look for one that has 12V and at least 500mA (higher mA is okay,  as that value is simply the max the adapter can put out). A universal charger with the ability to switch between output voltages and/or mutiple size tips to choose from is just fine. I have a universal laptop charger whose lowest possible output voltage is 12V-  charges the Sphero nicely with 12V selected. 

I hate not being able to edit my comments. Sorry all. 

**Basically, when you are looking for a replacement charger, you want one that has a range of 110v - 240v listed for INPUT 

We do have replacement charging cords available in our webstore as well.  Use this direct link to find them:

@jenica sorry for the support thread necromancy, but this no longer appears to be the case. is there perhaps an updated, hidden link?

Hi Andrew, the link has been updated to

aha! thanks!

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