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Is there any way to make Sphero more quiet on hardwood floors?

I just got my Sphero yesterday and the first thing I noticed is that the hard shell rolling around my hardwood floor was LOUD. My neighbor will hate me.

I figure I can't be the first one to try and fight a solution to this. I wonder if someone already figured this out. Is there an easy way? Maybe some sort of clear soft shell that could be added over it? Tape? Fabric?

Any ideas welcome

Beside that I love it so far.



Thanks a lot, I had tried a bunch of solutions but it seemed like nothing worked. I tried your idea and purchased some common balloons, and it did cut the noise by about 50%. Also even with the balloon I can still steer the sphero properly. Not bad at all. The balloon does gather pet hair along the way, but I prefer this to the noise.

To put the balloon on I just cut the end of it by about 3cm and then it was easy to stretch it over the sphero. I also used a white balloon so that I could still see the sphero light through it.

I have a clear 5" balloon around the sphero and its a lot quieter mate. It's easy to get it over the sphero if you blow the balloon up and pinch the end and don't tie it. Then put the sphero on the top o the balloon then gently push down on the balloon and let the air out.
If you do it fast enough you will get the sphero to basically go into the balloon.
It is a nacky tricky way to do it but if you can just stritch it over the that's cool.
Also you can use a balloon cut up into half inch strips like a thick rubber band and put them around the sphero in a cross pattern. Being very thin it still works fine.
Hope this helps buddy

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