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Any tips on getting orientation to match you so left is left and right is right, etc?

I might be just being a tard, but I am having a hard time controlling it as left, right, forward, back are not ever oriented to me. Am I missing something or some trick so that when my phone is in my hands and I tilt or use the joystick to my left it goes left or my right it goes right, etc? I feel like I am all over the place with it and not having good control as orientation of direction is never inline with me.

The info can be found in the knowledge base. It's called aiming. Heres what it says. "Before beginning play, you must first aim Sphero with your device. This way he knows which way is forward in relation to you. Place your thumbs at the top and bottom of the Nav Wheel on your Sphero screen and start rotating them.  When you do this correctly you will see the aiming ring appear. Rotate your thumbs until you see Sphero’s blue taillight point directly at you. You’re ready to take him for a spin! Remember, you can re-aim Sphero at any time during play."

Damn.... not sure how I missed that. I recall we did this the first time we used the device, but I thought that was some 1 time step - like setting up BT - that is done once only upon first usage. It was not clear to me this was a normal step to follow on each use.

Jeez.. I was being a tard. Now that I know this, and just did it, I also now see that we can do this on the fly as well so if you step around it or change "sides" you can do a quick reset of the "aim" to your new orientation and this can be done in any of the apps at any time while driving and using.

Thanks man!

How are you doing it "on the fly"??   I only see going into the menu and doing it the long way....

When steering, just stop and put 2 fingers on the screen (I use my thumbs) and the aiming ring will show up, adjust the aiming ring to point the blue light towards you, and now get back to steering. You can do it any time if you change orientation to the ball.

Ah, yes, thanks, somehow I hadn't realized we could do it that way. Hard to do if it's daytime or a bit away. Def thumbs, good call,  MUCH easier...even for a cellist...

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