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I can’t control Sphero with my mobile device. Sphero is moving on its own.

If Sphero begins rolling sporadically after having been successfully paired with your mobile device, you have most likely lost Bluetooth connection.  If this has happened you will see Sphero flash 3 unique colors that allow you to recognize him for pairing.

There are a few key steps to address this behavior:

  • Make sure Sphero is remaining within a 50 – 55 foot radius.  If he moves outside his Bluetooth range, he may lose connection.
  • Make sure your device is compatible.
  • Check your mobile device and verify that Sphero is connected.
To reset Sphero and bring him back under control:
  • Reset Sphero by placing him in the charger and running a strong magnet around his circumference. This knowledge base article has step by step instructions and a helpful video that demonstrates the technique :
  • If you find that a magnet is not turning Sphero off, check your charging cradle for a button. Holding down that button serves the same function as running a strong magnet around the outside. Make sure the cradle is under Sphero's robot when you hit the button.  You may have to pick up the cradle and hold it against the side of Sphero if Sphero is spinning in the cradle.
  • Let Sphero charge for a bit after resetting it, and then try connecting with Sphero again.

If this issue happens frequently and all of the above check out, please contact our Sphero support team at

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