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My Sphero won’t wake up

If this is your first time using Sphero, place him in his induction charger for about 5 seconds to wake him up. See “How do I charge Sphero?”.  When Sphero lights up, simply pick him up and give him a hard double-shake. The next step is to pair Sphero with your mobile device. 


If you’ve already used Sphero and he will not wake up, first try placing him on his charger.  Sphero may have a low battery and need to recharge. If this is the case, Sphero will flash red 3 times and go to sleep.

If you have already recharged Sphero for 3 hours and are still encountering difficulty Sphero's battery is probably super low, you can use the dipping method to jump start him. 

To perform the dipping method, putting Sphero in heavy side down for a second or two in the charger and then pull him out quickly, repeating a dozen or so times. What we are hoping for is for Sphero to show a flicker of light and then when that happens, we put him on the charger and he will probably start flashing a blue-green color rapidly, then grab a strong magnet follow the step by step instructions on the following page and you should be back in business.

If he doesn't show any life-signs after the dipping then leave him in the charger for about 15 mins and take him out. You should see some life and you can then either follow the steps above if he is strobing or leave him in the charger for a couple of hours.

If this does not get your Sphero back up and rolling, please contact Sphero support at and we will have you rolling in no time. 

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