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My Sphero lost Bluetooth connection while I was playing.

If your Sphero is flashing 3 different colors, he has lost connection with your device.  Please try the following:

  • Check your device and determine if it still lists Sphero as connected.  If so, un-pair the device and then pair again with Sphero.
  • If your mobile device does not list Sphero as paired, try pairing him again.

If Sphero is glowing, he thinks he is still connected to your device.  Please try the following:

  • Reset Sphero by placing him in the charger and running a strong magnet around his circumference. This knowledge base article has step by step instructions and a helpful video that demonstrates the technique.

  • If you find that a magnet is not turning Sphero off, check your charging cradle for a button. Holding down that button serves the same function as running a strong magnet around the outside.
  • Let Sphero charge for a bit after resetting it, reboot your device (with a complete shut down and restart) and then try connecting with Sphero again.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact Sphero support at

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