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Firmware Upgrade Best Practices

Firmware upgrades provide improved performance for our favorite rolling robot.  They improve Sphero's driving control, allow you to play games using new capabilities like collision detection, and even make life a little easier by perfectly orienting your Sphero for charging. 

Here's how to make sure your Sphero's firmware upgrade runs smoothly.

  • First, make sure you have the most up to date version of the Sphero App and that your ball has a strong charge.
  • Make sure you have an active internet connection, either over WiFi or on your 3G/4G connection. Firmware upgrades require an internet connection. 
  • Connect to Sphero.
  • Open the main Sphero App
  • You may be prompted that a firmware upgrade is available for Sphero.  In this case, select "Yes" to start the update. 
  • If not, you can "Force Update" the firmware in the Sphero App by tapping the settings gear, tapping the "i" symbol and choosing "Force Update." You might need to tap the button a few times if you have a poor internet connection.
  • Your firmware update should begin, with Sphero flashing orange and your device showing a progress bar with elevator music playing in the background. This will stop when the update is complete.

Your Sphero should be ready to roll.

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hi for some reason I can't do the update, and I can't find the forge update button in settings. The only options I have in settings are color, sound voice ctrl and sleep..Once I open the app it tries to do the update but then it shows an error and when I can't find the forge update option. Could you please help?

my current version is 1.13

there is no force update option under settings..

Ditto... mine is also 1.13 but it doesn't even offer to update. Be good to have a version history page on the site so we know whether we're up to date or not.

Same here.. What is the actual firmware? Would be great if the firmware version are posted somewhere incl a change log..

Im stuck on 0.99 and its not updating, its just playing classy music and says updating with no progress.


Ipod Touch 4G

Same thing for me... Not updating, just playing music with no progress (charging stays à 0%)

What is the latest version firmware for Sphero 2.0?

Is anyone watching this forum??  What is the version of Sphero firmware that is most current?  Also it seems that the interface has changed some since this question was originally asked.  I do not have an "i" symbol in the settings to change or update my firmware.

does any person from the company is reading this?

cannot get past 0% on the update using the sphero App using an ipad 4 or ipad mini or ipod 5th gen. Also tried using my Samsung S5 (android) and the app just crashes when it discovers the sphero - my sphero is now flashing red because according to the website as a result of interrupted firmware update...haven't even been able to play with it new from the box yet!!! 

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