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Q: How do I name Sphero 2.0

A: Go into your settings in the main Sphero app, then triple tap on the Sphero icon, this will take you into advanced settings.  Here you will be able to rename your Sphero.

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To rename Sphero:

1) Launch main Sphero app
2) Go in to Just Drive Mode
3) Click on settings (looks like a little wheel)
4) Triple tap on the white Sphero icon in the middle
5) Select the RENAME option

Is the main Sphero app the one called Sphero? I tried to triple tap the big white Sphero icon. The only one I see is where you can choose to drive or level up and it won't do anything if I triple tap it. Can you help? I'd like to rename it.

Please go into advanced settings, triple tap on the big white Sphero icon, you will be able to update Sphero's name there.

In the advanced settings, I do not have an option to change my sphero 2.0's name. Why is that?

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