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Q: Can I leave Sphero 2.0 in the charging base?

A: Yes!  The charging base will shut itself off after Sphero is fully charged.  NOTE: Do not leave anything metal in the charger.  Also, Sphero will not charge with its Nubby cover on.

I left my Sphero 2.0 on his charger while I went out and was gone for around 5 hours and when I returned he was still charging. When I picked him up off the charger, he was extremely hot. I hope he was not damaged by this, I don't want to lose my spherical lil buddy.

Hi Mike,

It is normal for Sphero to get hot while charging, this is part of the induction charging process.  Your Sphero 2.0 will not be damaged by leaving it on the charger.  

What do you mean by 'the charging base will shut itself off after Sphero is fully charged'? I'd left my Sphero 2.0 (ltd. edition) in the charging base and after about 5 hours, I saw that the blue light was stable - it wasn't turned off and I thought that's exactly how it should have been.

The charger itself is not charging Sphero, but the blue light is on, indicating that Sphero is fully charged. If Sphero is actively charging, the blue light will be flashing. 

¿la sphero se descarga si la dejan en su base mucho tiempo

Sphero 2.0 no se descarga si la dejan en su base mucho tiempo. 

Sphero Original no se debe dejar en el largo plazo cargador.

I left my Sphero 2.0 limited edition in my charging dock for many months. I went to play with it and it only lased a few minutes. I always had it charging and it wasn't a false charge because I made sure it stayed with the Sphero copper ring towards the charging dock. What should I do?

What if you leave it on charge for 3 months?

I left it on for 3 or more months and now it only lasts 5 mins.

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Renato Jakacic, according to their instruction, the charging should automatically turn off. but it does not. you should claim them & take a replacement.

Renato, did you make it deep sleep? (the button in the charging base)

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