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Q: How do I reset Sphero if I don't have a reset button on its charging base?

If Sphero is glowing, he thinks he is still connected to your device.  Please try the following:

  • Reset Sphero by placing him in the charger and running a strong magnet around his circumference. This knowledge base article has step by step instructions and a helpful video that demonstrates the technique.

  • NOTE:  If you do have a reset button on Sphero's charging base, holding down that button serves the same function as running a strong magnet around the outside.
  • Let Sphero charge for a bit after resetting it, reboot your device (with a complete shut down and restart) and then try connecting with Sphero again.

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The charger doesn't seem willing to pair with the sphero after I reset it. It has been on the charger for days and it won't wake up. The only light I get is when I reset it, shake it hard, and put it back on charger. It flashes red and dies.

Your charger is the problem. I had the exact same issues. You shake it and he tries to wake up but he can't because he doesn't have enough energy to. He can't pair with your device because he can't turn on to pair. He goes red because of the fact that he needs to be charged and then he dies because obviously he hasn't been charged. Since he's been sitting on your charger for this long, when it should only take three hours to completely charge him, it shows that there is something not connecting between the device and the charger. If it is not the charger itself (the base) it may be the AC adapter to the charger. I sent in a request via the support website (this one) and was immediately replied to by Mike Moran and received a new charger within just a couple of days. They were very fast and I greatly appreciated their speedy replies to my emails also.

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