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Nubby Cover release

I've been trying to find the nubby cover for sale but i cant find it... Did it release already?


If so... Where can i find it. Im from Europe by the way.


Thanks in advance.

leonardo seems to have the same question as i do. any chance of a date people

All this time and still no answer. Btw, i still cant find it in the store i bought sphero from

its in the german amazon prime but not available at the moment, no time given, ive ordered it, and when it arrives I'll post you a message here. the uk amazon is not showing it, the US is but thats too far for us. the sphero people should (I hope) help us here if they are scanning this. we will see. regards

Thank you for letting me know if you get it. If i find it somewhere else i will let you know too. =). Regards

good news, The nubby is now available from the German Amazon, justed order a couple.

Thanks Brian!!! Finally =)

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