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How do I connect to Ollie?

You must download, install and run the Ollie app.  Once you have the app running, place device gently on Ollie. Ollie will connect via Bluetooth.

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And now the Ollie app tells: "Touch your Android device tout ollie".
Nothing happens. I put them next together, in all possible positions. Nothing.
How can I troubleshoot ?

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I've got thé same problem with a wiko sunset under Android 4.4.2 and a bluetooth 4.0.

I found the issue. The instructions say connect to power while connecting to Ollie, but once your application is downloaded you must unplug Ollie and then put your iPhone close to or on Ollie and it'll recognize it right away. My son tried to connect his phone to Ollie more than 5 times, and I noticed a lot of people are facing this issue. I hope this helps you! Ivan

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