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What devices are compatible with Ollie?


Ollie does require devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 and for Android the OS 4.4.2+. Here is a link to our supported devices page:

If your phone or tablet meets these requirements please let me know and I'll be happy to escalate to our developers to determine if something can be done to support your device. That said, not all Android phones will work with Ollie due to additional hardware/software limitations that some may have. Additionally, rooted or "jailbroken" phones can expect unpredictable results when paired with Ollie or Sphero 2.0


Confirmed Devices Version
iPod Touch (5th Generation) 7.0+
iPhone 4S 7.0+
iPhone 5 7.0+
iPhone 5c 7.0+
iPhone 5s 7.0+
iPad (3rd Generation) 7.0+
iPad (4th Generation) 7.0+
iPad Air 7.0+
iPad mini 7.0+
iPad mini with Retina display 7.0+


Compatible with most Android devices that meet the following requirements:

Bluetooth 4.0 and touchscreen

- See more at:

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