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Using SPRK+ from a PC


I wondered if anyone has found a way to control  SPRK+ from a PC? I am very good technically but I can't use LED-backlit screens because of eye problems. 

I'm looking into trying to run the app on an emulator like bluestacks. The problem seems to be figuring out how to connect with the robot since bluestacks cannot use bluetooth. 

I wondered if anyone had figured out a workaround?



It depends on what you plan to do with the robot.

I am currently writing a Windows application that allows me to write OrbBasic programs to the Sphero. There is also a smartphone app, but I don't like programming at the smartphone.

I'm planning to add more functionality to my app like driving the Sphero.

I attached a screenshot of the program in its current state.



I would just like to use the features of the robot to teach coding to my six year old son. I don't mind whether I use the app or type in the instructions. I want to use a keyboard and mouse but am happy to drag and drop with the mouse. 

Your image is very small on my screen. Do you have a larger one?

I have seen that there are Android installations for PC like the remix one so I am currently hoping to get that working so as to use the app. 

Do you think your programme will be ready soon?


For the larger image just click on the text next to the image, not on the image itself.
My programme already works fine for orbBasic programming. If this is what you want to use, then it is kind of ready. :-)
Perhaps there are still some minor bugs, but I use it quite often.


Oh that sounds good then. Do you have documentation showing what all the code means so we could write our own programs? Also Can you tell me what language the keywords are in as it doesn't look like English. We'd have to learn those words too would we?

Is this something that I could download and try just now?


You can have a look here in the Sphero API documentation:

Search for the "ORBBASIC" headline at about 3/4 of the page and read the chapter. There the Basic language is explained in detail.

The comments in the screenshot's program code are in German since I'm from Germany. The programming language is orbBasic where the keywords are in English. See the above mentioned website.

Is there a way to contact you directly? Then I can send you more information and my software. You can also contact me on Facebook as "Jörg Wehlend", then you don't need to post your eMail address here.

At the moment, this may be possible without building your own app. You can use lightning lab on chrome on a PC, Mac, or even (I believe) a Linux machine. It may not be able to drive it and it may be slow (depending on your Internet connection), but it should work.
I would like to use my sphero for a student who uses eye gaze to communicate only issue is he has a windows 10 computer a tobi. If anyone can help that would be great
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