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Sphero enthusiasts

I am currently looking for two C/Oval developer to provide support at an event we are hosting in Berlin from 18th-24th February 2016. 

We are running a coding challenge using Sphero robots where people have to direct Sphero round a maze. There is some coding involved in this. See here for more info about Sphero 

We are looking for someone that could help on a stand explaining to event attendees how Sphero works and helping them to complete the challenge. 

We will also have a race track where you can race the Sphero's.

The event is run by a large technology company and the delegates attending will be a mixture of IT professionals and students. Visitors will be international and local, English is the main language that the event is hosted in.  

We will pay for hotel and travel costs. This is a really exciting event and will be a lot of fun. 

We need someone who speaks fluent English.

If you are interested in getting involved in this and would like to talk more, please get in touch. Also please let me know what you would charge as a day rate. Many thanks.

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