First, make sure Sphero is not already paired with another device. If he is glowing a steady bluish white color, he is already connected to a previously connected device.

If you are having trouble pairing with Sphero then we suggest completely re-starting your device and trying again. This usually does the trick by clearing the Bluetooth cache and will get you rolling again.

If your Sphero still will not pair, try "forgetting" or "unpairing" the Sphero and any other bluetooth device your device has set up. Then power off and re-boot your device again.  Once your device is on, and bluetooth is turned on, try waking and pairing your Sphero. Usually this should having you rolling in no time. 

To fix this issue in iOS, "forget" your Sphero and then re-pair.

1. Go into Settings > General > Bluetooth

2. Find your Sphero, and tap the the little blue arrow next to your Sphero's name.

3. Select "Forget this Device."

4. Completely turn off your device, holding down the power button and using the red slider.

5. Turn your device back on. 

6. Open Bluetooth settings again. 

4. Switch Bluetooth to "Off"

5. Switch Bluetooth back "On"

6. Shake to wake your Sphero.  

7. You should be able to find and connect your Sphero.

If you have any questions or concerns, please follow the link to open a new support ticket.

Or feel free to contact us at your convenience: