If Force Band's wrist strap is either too large or too small to comfortably fit your wrist, we do have different sizes available. Please email us at support@sphero.com and request a larger or smaller band, and we can ship that out to you right away. 

Replacement Instructions


Step 1
  • Place your replacement band next to your Force Band. 
  • Remember this orientation 


Step 2
  • Remove band pin that secures the wristband to the small plastic spacer. 

  • We recommend using a thin, stiff object like a microUSB cable, needle-nose pliers or eyeglass kit to compress one end of the spring-loaded pin
  • While performing this step, please exercise caution, and avoid using sharp objects like a knife to compress the pin


Step 3 
  • Once the old strap is removed, pull the band through magnetic clasp 

  • Take the replacement band and feed the end with the sewn loop through the magnetic clasp in the same orientation that you see in the photo to the left. 


Step 4
  • Once the replacement strap is looped through the strap, lay the strap with magnetic clasp out flat with the soft velcro side up

  • If you have done everything properly thus far, your wristband should look like the photo on the left


Step 5
  • Flip the strap and Force Band unit over so you see the bottom of Force Band and the smooth side of the strap (see photo to the left) 

  • Insert the pin through the loop on the strap 



Step 6
  • Without changing the orientation, secure one end of the pin into the hole on the side of the spacer

  • While holding the inserted end in place with your thumb, compress the other end of the pin with your tool of choice

  • While keeping the pin compressed, maneuver the end over the other hole, and release when lined up 

If you complete the steps properly, your Force Band should be ready to go! 

If you experience any issues replacing your band, please let us know at support@sphero.com and we can assist right away.