Force Band


  • ABS plastic housing

  • USB cable

  • Bluetooth radio

  • LiPo battery

  • 6-axis accelerometer

  • Cortex ARM processor

  • Haptic

  • Speaker

  • LED lights

  • Power adapter


Physical Access

No physical access is permitted on Force Band. Users are only able to customize the experience using the Sphero API. USB charging on Force Band does not include a data line; it is strictly used for power.


Accounts & Authentication

Users can sign up for the Sphero newsletter if they pass the in-app age gate.

Users can create an account using Sphero’s Authorizer in the Force Band app which allows backup for Holocrons. Users also need to use Sphero’s Authorizer if they choose to use Force Band’s integration with If This Then That.


Data Storage & Privacy
No personally-identifiable information from users is stored on the device. Force Band tracks events like when a user connects to their Force Band, how many times they enter a mode, and other non-personal diagnostic information. See the application Privacy Policy for more information on how information is collected and used.


COPPA Compliance 

Sphero does not knowingly collect personal information or create profiles for Force Band users under 13. Sphero and outside counsel reviewed Force Band and its application for compliance with child privacy laws, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).