Certain modes in the Star Wars Droids App allow you to connect to multiple Droids such as Patrol, and Watch With Me. Follow the instructions to connect to multiple Droids while in one of these compatible modes: 

  • Once you are in one of these modes, tap the scan button on the top of the screen. 
  • This will show you the Droid you are currently connected to and scan for Droids that are nearby.
  • Once the screen is populated by all Droids detected, tap on the Droid icons you wish to connect to (up to one of each kind) and it should start to connect to the selected Droids. 
  • Once connected tap the 'Confirm' button and you should now be connected to the new Droids you chose, as well as the previous Droid you were connected to. 

If at anytime you want to disconnect from a Droid or Droids in multi-Droid compatible modes, simply tap on the scan button and it should populate your screen with Droids you are currently connected to. Tap on the icons you wish to disconnect from and it should start to disconnect.

Note: If you tap on a mode that can only support one Droid, you will automatically disconnect from the new Droids and be connected to the Droid you were initially connected to. 

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