BB-9E connects to your device via Bluetooth Smart BLE, or Bluetooth 4.0 (check your device compatibility)

To connect to BB-9E, launch the Star Wars Droids App and tap the connect button. The app will scan for any Droids nearby. When you see the BB-9E icon appear, tap on the icon and it should start to connect. Once the app is connected to BB-9E, tap the Confirm button and you should successfully connect to BB-9E. If BB-9E's icon does not appear during detection, check to see if your BB-9E is charged and nearby your device and tap "Rescan". 

For more details on connecting to BB-9E, follow the link

If your BB-9E will not connect to your device, follow the link for more details. 

If you're having trouble connecting to your droid, please follow the link to open a new support ticket.

Or feel free to contact us at your convenience: