After connecting to either BB-8, BB-9E, or R2-D2 via the Star Wars Droids App, you will automatically begin at the drive screen. Set the aim by dragging the Droid on-screen to rotate the physical Droid around. 

When the physical Droid is facing away from you (you will see a blue tail light on BB-8 and BB-9E), tap Drive and a driving joystick should appear. Press and drag from the center of the joystick driving pad to the edge of the driving pad to get him to move. Drag the joystick all the way to the edge of the driving pad for top speed. When releasing your finger off the screen, place it anywhere within the driving area of the screen to regenerate the driving joystick to drive again.

Follow the links for more information about what you can do with your Droid:  

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