Our Sphero Mini application allows you to drive your robot using four different drive modes. How fast your Sphero Mini goes can also be changed in "Settings". Simply locate the "Speed Throttle" in Settings and choose your Mini's top speed. Check out the details below: 

  1. Joystick driving -- This is our most standard control scheme, simply drag the center blob in the direction you want to go. The further out you drag the faster Mini will go in that direction.

  2. Tilt drive -- Tap the play button to start driving, then just tilt your phone up and down to go forward and back, or tilt to each side to send your Mini in that direction. You can pause tilt drive by tapping the pause button. The tilt angle operates as the speed control, the more you tilt, the fast Mini goes.

  3. Slingshot drive -- This is great for quick tabletop games. Pull back on the center blob to aim and set power, then release to send your Mini shooting forward. This is a great mode for incorporating the mini bowling pins.

  4. Scream Drive -- Exactly as it sounds. Literally. Use your thumb to steer the direction of Mini, and speak (or yell, raise your voice, exclaim) to control speed. The louder you are, the faster Mini goes.

  5. Face Drive -- This is our most unique driving mode. Select Face Drive from the drive mode screen and hold your phone (portrait orientation) with the front camera facing you. Face Drive will recognize your face and then you can follow the onscreen icons to make Mini drive with different facial expressions. Smile or frown to send Mini forward or back and tilt your head to the side to send it in that direction.
    Quick tip: you can also use the top of the mini packaging as a plastic phone stand for a "hands-off" face driving experience. 

Looking for some details on Face Drive compatibility

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Email: support@sphero.com